Our Staff

As is said by Swami Vivekananda “Books may help us to increase our knowledge but without a teacher’s guidance this knowledge cannot affect our innermost being ’’ A teacher’s role is very significant in the life of a student . Just as “ Without a shepherd , sheep are not a flock ’’ teachers not only teach subject instead they mould future citizens of the nation .

By tempering justice with mercy, discipline with compassion , sternness with love , the teachers of Mariampur Sr. Sec. School are punctual and pleasant ,dutiful and disciplined , caring and compassionate, just and full of zest . With an increasing efforts of a well qualified and competent staff the school has succeeded in providing quality education to its pupils based on spiritual principles ,personal and social values mutual love and respect for fellow being.

The staff of Mariampur Sr. Sec. School work with great dedication , co-operation and co-ordination and inculcate in their children a love for our culture and away of life and so their attention is directed towards this purpose. Their approach is highly practical and pragmatic. The students are encouraged by their teachers to participate in national game, join expeditions, adventure tours and exchange programmes with other schools.

The believes that education should permit students to grow without any inhibitions and prejudices.